Another Board Games Blog?

7 Apr

Look, I know I’m throwing my hat into an already saturated subject matter for a fairly niche market these days… But no matter how hard I search I can never seem to find anyone who cares enough about the board games they review to make something that is both entertaining and informative (and don’t you dare throw Dice Tower reviews my way. Even Vasel’s co-hosts know how lame he is as they consistently steal the show from him with little to no effort in a desperate attempt to keep it all watchable). I found one fantastic work of fiction on Board Game Geek that everyone seemed to hate because it was too entertaining for all those geeks in search of the newest information on their favourite games. There’s also a Youtube series called Tabletop with Wil Wheaton which also has some promise, but they only seem to be reviewing games that don’t need reviewing. You know the ones, they’re all those games that anyone even remotely interested in board games have not only heard about but have likely played several times (Smallworld, Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan… things of that nature). Unless they’re not, in which case it is the complete opposite end of the spectrum, I’m talking Collective imagination role playing kind of games. And nothing against all those games, they are great games, but I have serious doubts that I’m ever going to see Tabletop review any hidden gems like ‘Flash Point’, ‘New World’ or ‘Defenders of the Realm’.

So what exactly am I hoping to accomplish here? I basically want to deliver relevant information in an entertaining way. Something that you can be both educated and entertained by. Eventually I hope to start a Youtube channel of my own, but for now I figure I’ll just talk about games I love, maybe have some weird features where I pair games with music or something… Perhaps hate on games I used to love but have since come to my senses on (or perhaps I’ll even get angry at games I have never liked).

While I plan on doing this all for free (which is one of the reasons I’m on wordpress right now instead of one of those other sites that would allow me to monetize my site), I will need to scrounge up some cash at some point to start up this Youtube channel sometime in the future (I don’t even have a Camera yet). Perhaps I’ll do it through Kickstarter or something, but since no one wants to fund a project they don’t care about I figure I’ll just try this whole blog thing out for a while and see if anyone actually cares about this voice I’m trying to create here. So please, if you like what you see then follow me! Let me know that there’s interest here (If you just bookmark this blog I’ll never really know how many people actually care about what I have to say on a regular basis). And if you have any suggestion, do not be shy. I will listen to and probably respond to the vast majority of what people say to me. Again, the more interest I feel there is here the more content I will attempt to create.

And with that I take my leap into this world of creating content for all you bored listless gamers yearning for something better than the typical walls of information and bad camera work that currently dominates all the Youtube channels and Geek blogs just trying to share a little bit of their knowledge with the rest of the world.


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