Another Blog I Forgot About?

8 Sep

How could that be? It’s not like that has ever happened before. Oh wait, that’s exactly what has happened to every blog I have ever started… Well let me re-assure you, my likely zero viewers I have amassed with my last 3 posts, that I have not given up on this one just yet. I have turned my attention to trying my hand at game design and in that time I kind of forgot about this blog (much like the title of this post suggests). But now that I’ve finally prototyped my first design and have passed it off to some friends to playtest I’ve decided to start chronicling my foray into game design.

So what can you expect now that I’ve decided to start blogging again? Well, there are a few things I’d like to do.

1) Develop my design ideas into fully fledged games: Perhaps this may include posting rules for games I’m toying with, ideas for game mechanics and perhaps even the odd print and play game to get some real feedback on how my designs are coming along.

2) First Impression Reviews: There’s plenty of people reviewing games and explaining how to play the more complicated ones. I don’t need to saturate this market any more by trying to force another review blog onto the net. That being said, I do quite enjoy this writing thing, and I also appreciate a good review every now and then. So I was thinking, the one thing I never get from the review sites I visit is an honest review of how games play on the first night… Because depending on that first playthrough you may never get a second (or so I have found). And I really like the idea of first impressions being a legitimate first impression, not a first impression that has had multiple playthroughs to develop.

3) I would love to manage some sort of massive playthrough of some of my favourite games once I’ve got the readership to support it (so like and share if that sounds like an awesome idea). By which I don’t necessarily mean get a massive player count in on a game, but perhaps find a solid co-op or something and have some way of determining what moves get made… Call it a gaming experiment, but this experiment that I’m gonna wait till I have upwards of 20 regular readers to begin.

I’ll probably still through the odd random post just for fun… But for the most part, it’s going to be limited to what I just described above. So hopefully that sounds good… And I know everyone says it, but Subscribe, Comment and Like… The more appreciation I see for my work, the more likely I’ll be to not let my blogs fall into the unfortunate realm of forgotten blogs.


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