My Journey Through this Forrest Of Paper, Cardboard and Plastic

10 Sep

So I had a pretty typical transition from the games of my childhood to the games that I play now. I used to think Monopoly was about as good as it got until I discovered Party Games and began to realize that having fun was far better than doing math and following algorithms. So I picked up a copy of ‘Cranium WOW!’ and was finally able to get more than just my immediate family into gaming with me (and my immediate family became far less reluctant when they did play). Then I went to University and got into Card games like ‘Euchre’ and ‘Hand and Foot’  and kind of forgot about board games until someone introduced me to Killer Bunnies as something that no one could have made without being on copious amounts of drugs… And for the most part I’d have to agree. I had rediscovered all the fun that went along with Party Games only in a slightly more strategic format (and I think I’m being pretty generous with my use of strategic there).

It was around this time that I decided to take off to the Netherlands for a year, and since I couldn’t take every game along with me I decided to bring ‘Killer Bunnies Remix’ (because randomness is always a good time), ‘Set’ (because Math and Algorithms are still fun every once and a while) and ‘Xiang Qi’ (because who wouldn’t love to play Chess with Elephants and Cannons?). But gaming in Europe is a whole different beast! Soon after arriving I was invited to a gaming weekend where we did nothing but play board games for 3 whole days, and it was AWESOME!!! I was introduced to so many fantastic games that I didn’t know what to do with myself. First thing I did was go find a copy of ‘Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries’ to tide me over until I got home about half a year later. Since Ticket to Ride was the best game I was introduced to that weekend I didn’t really think it could get much better, so I basically just began buying more Ticket To Ride games and new expansions as they came out.

Then about half a year ago my cousin bought a game after he had carefully considered and researched which game to get online while I was out visiting him and I suddenly came to realize that there was a whole world of fantastic games that I was missing out on simply because I’ve had nothing but crap for so long that I was not aware of all the amazing games that have come out since I became financially responsible enough to be able to buy my own games for a change. It was at this point that I was introduced to ‘7 Wonders’ and since then my board game collection has grown considerably. While I would call ‘Ticket to Ride’ my gateway into quality gaming, ‘7 Wonders’ definitely pushed me over the edge and made me take the leap towards developing my own collection of games and even starting a board games club (which will soon branch off into two separate groups due to an increase in interest).

So if you are at all interested in what I have acquired in these few short months, you can find my collection here. Basically everything on that list aside from Ticket to Ride and the Classics/Party Games mentioned above has been added since the New Years 2013 (Ya, I may have a bit of a problem).


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