Harvest Moon, The Board Game!

26 Sep

OK, so I had an Idea the other night to make a game based around one of my favourite video game franchises, Harvest Moon. Now I know what you’re probably thinking… “They have that game… It’s called Agricola.” Except the problem with that is that as amazing of a game as Agricola is, it does not feel like Harvest Moon… I mean think about it, what is your primary goal in Harvest Moon, to orchestrate a well rounded farm that will sustain you and your family? I suppose to a certain extent I can see that, but is that really ever what you’re thinking when you play the game? No. Or at least I’m not. When I grow vegetables in Harvest Moon, sure some of it is gong to go towards buying more seeds to grow more vegetables, but most of harvest moon is based around relationships. I need to grow some nice grapes so I can impress the wine makers daughter. I need to take care of this horse because it was given to me by a friend who wants to see it race in the annual horse races. I need to take care of this cow so it’s milk can win first place in the milk festival (or whichever festival it was). The point of Harvest Moon isn’t really having a fruitful farm, it is being accepted by the town as a member of their community… The farm just happens to be the profession you have fallen into in this small community. So how to make a Harvest Moon board game that isn’t just a re-hashing of Agricola… Unfortunately, Agricola is so firmly connected to farming that I almost cannot conceive of a farming game without some form of a worker placement mechanism. But I think I’ve figured it out.


Stay tuned, subscribe and comment as I try to bring take this from idea to reality!


One Response to “Harvest Moon, The Board Game!”

  1. Chris Nonweiler October 1, 2013 at 6:57 pm #

    Hi – I’d love to contact you to talk about a game – my email address is chris@xicards.com

    Can’t say I’ve ever played harvest moon but still love the blog post đŸ˜€

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